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Julius Heslet – CEO & Co-Founder

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Lakrids by Johan Bülow A/S

Johan Bülow – CEO & Founder

“I worked with Lasse in a period of 10-12 months. We focused on my development as a leader and CEO. Lasse have a unique ability to place focus in the right direction and remove any self-doubt. I could easily imagine working with Lasse again when the timing is right.”

Leo Innovation Lab

Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk – Director of Entrepreneurship

”I have worked with HOI and Lasse on several projects during the past 4 years and I have yet to have a problem that he could not help me with. That applies to everything from getting in contact with experts and business partners to advisory within business development, sales and communication. My best advice is to book a meeting as soon as possible.”

Compass Group A/S

Henrik Christian Niclasen – Director of Operations

”I have worked with HOI for several years, primarily in relation to difficult negotiations, where they have assisted us from the sidelines but also participated in the actual negotiations. Even though we now fully understand the negotiation process, we continue our collaboration, because we see the value of getting an outside perspective on our challenges.

Manning Inspire A/S

Sofia Manning – Speaker, Coach and Writer

“Lasse is one of the most talented coaches we have trained and worked with at Manning Inspire. When you work with Lasse you have no doubt, that he is skilled and competent – as a teacher as well as a coach. Lasse is very trustworthy and has the ability to get the best out of people through honest and constructive feedback. I can highly recommend Lasse to anyone who wishes to work with their personal development.”

RTG Group

Tue Deleuran – CEO & Owner

“HOI have helped us in several areas within sales and marketing. The first time we worked with them, they helped us get in contact with some interesting people in our industry. Later they created our Youtube strategy and have since helped us share our expertise, which has been a huge success for us. I strongly recommend taking a meeting with them”

Nord Gruppen

Daniel Knuttel – Director & Co-Founder

“Lasse helped me with negotiation and team-coaching. On coaching matters, he worked successfully, with the restaurant staff of Cocks & Cows. Through his coaching the staff got to experience the benefits of being the best colleague possible. Also he coached the staff on how to deal with the challenges, that comes when you work as a service provider. He is highly recommended!”


Kasper Kastoft Nielsen – Co-Founder

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Yusufa Sey – CEO & Co-Founder

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