House of Influence

How we do business

Without trusting relationships, we can’t succeed. That is why we prioritise building long term relationships, rather than optimising short term profits.

What is House of Influence?

HOI is a consultant agency, specialized in leading, advising and coaching professionals through complex negotiations and business related conflicts.

Our mission

Sharing our knowledge and tools with professionals and businesses to help them reach their goals.


CEO & Founder

Lasse Feldt-Rasmussen

Lasse has devoted his professional life to master interpersonal skills such as influencing, negotiating, public speaking and coaching.

Lasse holds and MSc in Economics (SCM) and have 7 years of extensive analytical experience as a management consultant, before he began studying influence psychology and developing soft skills in 2011.

“I get motivated when I connect with- and contribute to the people around me. This includes friends, colleagues and clients alike. I believe that people get good at everything they spend time doing and in my humble opinion, most people do not spend enough time on their interpersonal skills.”

– Lasse Feldt-Rasmussen


House of Influence