We lead professionals through crises, conflicts and difficult negotiations

Influence Psychology


(Waldorf Astoria in Berlin) – by Lasse Feldt-Rasmussen

Problems we solve

Conflict Management

It can be difficult if not impossible to solve a conflict you are a part of, or a conflict where the outcome is of great importance to one self.

Most people fail solving conflicts because their focus is more on being right instead of finding a proper solution.

Furthermore we see many conflict resolutions fail, because they are being looked at from a purely rational and logic perspective, indicating that the people involved are trying to solve a problem they do not fully understand.

We help our clients in actually understanding the nature of the conflict. We develop strategies for managing conflicts and design the necessary communication needed to find a solution.

Negotiation Advisory

Experience is not the same as ability, when it comes to negotiating. Actually the opposite is often the case if you never had the right training.

When it comes to negotiating it is unavoidable not to become emotional when the stakes are high. We see two primary reasons as to why most negotiations never reach their full potential:

  1. Insufficient preparation
  2. Lack of proper negotiation training

We advice our clients through the entire process, so that they are well prepared and know how to communicate and manage their emotions.



you will learn applicable techniques and tools

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we develop strategies and help you execute them

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Public Speaking


we inspire within leadership and conflict management

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